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Located close to Rotherham Town Centre, with easy access from Sheffield and Barnsley, Paleo Fitness Gym Rotherham offers a variety of different and fun fitness classes, circuits, CrossFit classes,  bootcamps, weight training sessions and personal training sessions to increase your strength and fitness. From bouldering walls, cargo nets, monkey bars, assault courses and rope climbs to more traditional weight training equipment, Paleo Fitness provides more variety than other traditional gyms in Rotherham. 

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Our Ethos...

What is Paleo Fitness?

Paleo Fitness is functional fitness, training the body how it was designed to be trained time tested through thousands of years of evolution and adaptation. Increase muscular strength, muscular endurance, your cardiovascular capacity, push your limits.

You will learn to carry, climb and conquer using exercises that are similar to or the same as what our ancestors would have had to use to survive in some of the harshest conditions.

Our DNA, muscles and skeletal system haven't changed much so why should the way we use and fuel our bodies?

At Paleo Fitness...

At Paleo Fitness we promise you will become more confident and competent in daily life and benefit whether you want to tone up, increase general fitness or improve performance as an athlete. Make no mistake you will be tested, how much you can push and how long you can push for but we will take you up through the stages of an evolution no matter what your fitness and skill level.

All we ask for is MAXIMUM EFFORT we will show you your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and you will get MAXIMUM RESULTS.

Specialised Fitness Classes

CrossFit, Strength, HIIT circuits, Yoga, bouldering walls, monkey bars, drawbridges, assault courses, ropes, gymnastics rings, battle ropes, kettlebells, wall balls, rower and much more!

Personal Training

Small groups or 1 on 1 time with your Paleo Fitness personal trainer to take your training to the next level.

Strength & Resistance Training

From extreme body weight exercises to olympic lifting and everything in between we will take you on your own evolution to conquer your own fitness goals and dreams.

Nutrition Advice

Fueling your fire how it was designed to burn, with foods that our bodies have developed, evolved and love to eat. The right way, the Paleo way.